A little bit about us

The Children’s Burns Foundation is a registered charity. It was established to help young people affected by burn injuries and treated at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, and their families. Our goal is to help them to recognise that their scars don’t limit their lives. We do this by:-

SUPPORTING RECOVERY AND ENCOURAGING PSYCHOLOGICAL WELL-BEING – We help to fund activity days, on-line support, workshops and summer camps to foster positive social support networks and inspire confidence and independence following a burn injury.

SUPPORTING TRAINING – The Children’s Burns Foundation supports training programmes for staff and volunteers. The training includes programmes to help people become leaders for the rehabilitation camps. It is vital that they are equipped with the skills and trained to provide bespoke support for the burn injured children attending these camps.

SUPPORTING INNOVATIVE RESEARCH – We help to fund research into the main causes of post-burn problems in children. Our aim is to help find “ground breaking” solutions for treating burn wounds and preventing problematic outcomes of burn.