At the Children’s Burns Foundation we take the view that to achieve the best outcome, it is important to champion a combination of approaches.

Providing resources to deliver the most effective, timely rehabilitative treatments offers a crucial first step to recovery.

Through our commitment to invest in world-class research we can increase the chances of maximising recovery and long-term quality of life.

Through our drive to build confidence, self-belief, and a sense of belonging through supporting activities that bring children and young people together, it means that the Children’s Burn’s Foundation is a place…

…where scars don’t limit.


Why do burn injuries deserve special attention?

A burn injury is one of the most painful injuries we can experience. Whatever the cause: hot liquid, fire, chemical, friction, or radiation, the damage triggered by a burn is long-lasting. The damaged skin may need replacing and can cause permanent changes to the structure of the skin and surrounding tissues. These “scars” can limit growth, function and make the young person feel vulnerable amongst peers. A burn injury is a life-changing event for the young person and their families.

Leaving hospital can be a daunting prospect

After surviving the trauma of the burn injury, young people and their families also have to cope with the rigors of the outside world. Many children and young people describe how they become the target of bullying and have to cope with people staring at them. Going into the school playground or the college canteen or even riding on the bus can be a challenge. At the Children’s Burn’s Foundation, we believe in empowering young people, helping them to find the courage and determination it takes to recover and to build a positive sense of who they are.